In addition to guaranteeing the integrity of the certified product, the Chain of Custody provides assurance to producers and retailers that certified products are handled in the right manner. It ensures that every product sold as an approved product comes from a certified farm. It lists strict requirements for the handling of certified products, their traceability and proper separation from non-certified products.

Steps for certification according to GLOBALG.A.P.

  • Download the relevant GLOBALG.A.P template from the link.
  • Application to VIOHELLAS – Registration and award of GGN code.
  • Using the GLOBALG.A.P checklist, conduct a self-assessment.
  • A first on-site inspection by BIOHELLAS is planned and conducted.

In accordance with the standard, a one-year certificate is issued if all requirements are met.

If you would like more information about BIO Hellas’ certification process, send an email to, call 2310 029123, or fax 2310 029124.

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