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Naturland Certification – Naturland Fair

Founded as an association of organic farmers in Germany, Naturland has created a standard based on quality, sustainability, and social responsibility.

With a history of 40 years and application in nearly 60 countries worldwide, the private German Naturland certification standard continues to set and satisfy ever higher standards for organic products, always with an emphasis on quality and respect for society and the environment.

Germany’s Naturland brand has gained the trust of consumers, meeting their ever-increasing expectations.

With the largest organic market within the EU, Germany can act as a conduit for extroversion and provide economic benefits for producers and businesses.

With the introduction of a complementary standard, NaturlandFair, Greek companies and producers are able to incorporate fair trade values and principles, such as fair prices, good working conditions, and financial rewards into their products, giving them added value, prestige, and recognition.

Standard requirements are as follows:

  • Organic certification in accordance with EC Regulation 2018/848 on organic production and labeling
  • The control and certification of an agricultural holding’s complete plant and animal capital (full farm conversion) in accordance with E.K. 2018/848, regardless of whether or not all produced products are Naturland-certified
  • All stages of the production process, from exploitation to final product, according to Naturland and E.K. 2018/848, including commercial and subcontracting activities
  • Inputs of fertilizer and plant protection should be strictly supervised
  • A prudent approach to managing water resources, especially in areas that lack water or are at high risk of soil erosion
  • Throughout the production chain, employee working conditions must be met
  • The Naturland trademark can only be used with Naturland’s authorization

The Naturland/NaturlandFair website provides further information on the standard:

Expression of interest

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