BIOHELLAS S.A. Institute

An innovative and dynamically growing company with a wealth of experience in certification and expertise within its staff.


Developing in certification since


The approved Organization
for the Control & Certification
of Organic Agricultural Products

The Institute for the Control of Organic Products S.A. “BIOHELLAS S.A.” was founded in 2001 and operates as a public limited company. Located in Athens, the Institute has regional offices in Thessaloniki, Aitoloakarnania, Laconia, Heraklion, and Lesvos, which provide services all over Greece. Besides its presence in Greece, the BIOHELLAS S.A. Institute operates in Bulgaria as an organization for certification and quality control of organic products.

The BIOHELLAS S.A. Institute is a rapidly growing company staffed by experts and experienced personnel in the certification field. Its activities extend to providing integrated & innovative certification solutions in response to international developments and the ever-increasing extroversion of Greek companies and their products.

The BIOHELLAS S.A. Institute is certified in accordance with the European Community legislation (E.U. Regulation 2018/848) regarding the production and marketing of organic agricultural products. BIOHELLAS S.A. has been approved by the European Union with the approval code GR-BIO-03. The company is actively developing strategic partnerships with internationally recognized certification bodies and provides quality control services based on the BIOSUISSE Standard (Swiss), NATURLAND & NATURLAND FAIR (Germany), KRAV (Sweden), DEMETER (Biodynamic agriculture), and USDA/NOP Standard of the U.S. Department of Agriculture for organic products targeted to the American market and not covered by European organic farming regulations.

As a result of a successful course in organic product certification, BIOHELLAS S.A. has expanded its activities in the field of Management Systems Certification (ISO 22000:2018, ISO 9001:2015), Integrated Crop Management (AGRO 2.1 & AGRO 2.2 Standards, GLOBAL G.A.P. Protocol). While in collaboration with certified organizations, it provides certification and quality control services aligned to the IFS & BRC food safety standards, thus providing an integrated package of services that cover the full range of activities of a modern company from cultivation and animal breeding to processing and distributing to the end customer.

Additionally, BIOHELLAS S.A. is accredited by E.SY.D. to certify products, processes, and services in tourism, one of the most significant pillars of the Greek economy. Providing inspection and evaluation services to hotels and furnished rooms for rent (FRUs) according to the new classification system of key categories and stars, BIOHELLAS S.A. cooperates with the Hellenic Hotels Chamber (H.E.E.). In addition to conducting quality control inspections according to H.E.E.’s terms and conditions for the granting of the “Greek Breakfast” label to tourist accommodations, the institute offers a variety of certification services aimed at optimizing the operations of businesses in this sector.

For businesses considering offering organic meals, the institute has created and developed a private certification standard under the name “BIO Kouzina”, the certification and quality control of retail and wholesale food stores, as well as the certification and quality control of organic and natural cosmetics under the internationally recognized NaTrue Standard. As per last, the institution has participated in research programs in collaboration with universities.

With the goal of providing reliable services with reciprocity and added value, BIOHELLAS S.A. continues to follow the path of development and progress it has established in the certification field. We provide services that are tailored to meet the needs of modern businesses, with a vision of ensuring high-quality products and services, while always protecting the environment and protecting consumers.

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