The Swiss BioSuisse certification is regarded as one of the most reliable and well-recognized set standards in the world.

Founded over 40 years ago, Bio Suisse represents Swiss organic farming organizations. It wins consumers’ trust by adhering to the principles of sustainable resource management and beyond, making its products – “Bud” (eye) – of the highest quality, winning Swiss consumers’ trust.

The market for organic products in Switzerland is quite mature, so defining a distribution channel for your products will be beneficial. Switzerland is one of the first countries in the world to show interest in organic products, so it can be a very profitable option to sell your products here.

Although organic products certified under European Regulations are available in Switzerland, certification to the Bio Suisse standard will give them a strong competitive advantage.

According to the standard, the following requirements must be met:

  • Labeling of organic products and certification in accordance with EU Regulation 2018/848.
  • Control and certification of the entire plant and animal capital of an agricultural holding (whole farm approach) according to (EU) 2018/848, regardless of whether all produced products are certified as BIOSUISSE ORGANIC.
  • Control and certification of the entire production process, from exploitation to the final product, according to Bio Suisse and (EU) 2018/848, including commercial and subcontracting businesses.
  • A stricter supervision of fertilization and plant protection inputs is necessary.
  • A prudent approach to managing water resources, especially in areas that lack water or are at high risk of soil erosion.
  • Employees’ working conditions are monitored in the production chain.
  • It is only possible for a Swiss importer, holder of a trademark license, to use the bud trademark in Switzerland. BIOSUISSE ORGANIC is the only name you market your products under! Cooperation with a licensed importer is, therefore, necessary.
  • Air transport of BIOSUISSE ORGANIC products is prohibited.

The following websites provide additional information on the Bio Suisse standard:

Expression of interest

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