Why should I buy organic products?

Organic farming respects the following principles:



Organic farming practices protect not only the consumer and producer, but also the agro-ecosystem. A primary component and a necessary “ingredient” of organic farming is wildlife (flora and fauna). In this direction, the preservation of wild vegetation on plot margins, the preservation or taking of appropriate measures to increase natural enemies of insect-enemies of crops, the prohibition of synthetic pesticides and inorganic fertilizers as a means of safeguarding the agro-ecosystem and preserving biodiversity, are examples of essential practices.


The aquifer

Runoff of polluting pesticides and leaching, primarily from inorganic nitrate fertilizers, used recklessly in conventional farming, pollutes and burdens the aquifer. There are many cotton growing areas that contribute significantly to nitrate contamination of the aquifer. Organic agriculture, by contrast, does not use inorganic fertilizers or synthetic pesticides, which reduces the burden on the aquifer.


Livestock on farms

Gandhi once said, “The greatness of mankind and the progress of morality can be judged by the way societies treat their animals”.
A key component of organic livestock farming is the way of life and, the overall well-being of the animals. This is why strict guidelines are laid down in the legislation regarding organic animal farming, including their housing conditions, the availability of open-air areas and pastures for them, as well as the way in which the animals are transported and slaughtered.


The soil

In organic farming, monoculture is prohibited because it depletes the soil. Contrary to conventional farming, organic farming involves crop rotation. The program, in conjunction with fertilization of the soil and use of organic substances, maintains and increases soil fertility and biological activity.


Producers’ health

Organic farming prevents contact with hazardous chemicals – synthetic pesticides, which have been proven to cause cancer to a significant extent.


The countryside

Organic farming practices increase the competitiveness of many Greek producers’ products, allowing them to access new markets.

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