Certification according to KRAV’s requirements

The Swedish organization KRAV has been establishing and implementing sustainable food production principles since 1985.

Nowadays, the KRAV brand is widely recognized by consumers in Sweden at 99%!

As a result of continuous improvements, it meets the fundamental principles of stable natural environments, the well-being of animals, high health, and social responsibility.

The natural quality and superior taste of Greek products have helped Greek products gain recognition and acceptance on the international market, providing a competitive advantage over their foreign counterparts.

In light of the fact that Sweden is included among the countries with the highest per capita consumption of organic products, opening a market there could be a lucrative option for Greek organic producers and traders.

The standard has the following basic requirements:

  • Verification and control of employee working conditions
  • The KRAV mark is only used within Sweden to mark and certify finished products
  • In Greece, only the required controls are carried out on producers, processors, and exporters
  • Exporter to keep forms and send to Swedish importer upon request

As per KRAV’s standard, control based on additional requirements differs by product category (milk, eggs, meat, cooked vegetables).

Information about the KRAV standard can be found on the KRAV website:

Expression of interest

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