Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility is a matter that affects us all. Environmental destruction mortgages the life and future of people on this planet, and no one should remain apathetic.

As a part of its purpose, BIOHELLAS S.A., the Organization for the Control and Certification of Organic Products in Greece, contributes to environmental protection.

Organic farming also ensures that aquifers are clean, biodiversity is preserved, and harmful chemicals are not released into the environment.


The main goal of BIOHELLAS is the promotion and dissemination of organic agriculture. The more producers practice organic farming and the stronger the demand for organic products, the broader the positive impact on the environment.

Throughout its existence, BIOHELLAS has constantly attempted to inform and integrate producers and producer groups into organic farming. At the same time, BIOHELLAS has made many efforts to keep consumers of organic farming.

The BIOHELLAS specialists visit supermarkets, organic product stores, and organic product markets to answer questions about organic products, their production methods, and their advantages over conventional ones.



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